Informed by folk tradition while adhering to no rules, Eleanor Murray’s music exists in a genre all its own. On her latest outing, Bury Me Into the Mtn, she has created an album that is structurally complicated, while also sparse and open, full of warmth and light. Her chord progressions, rhythms and melodies draw as much from Appalachia as they do from jazz. Her lyrics are as cryptic as they are simple and straightforward. The album’s sonic landscape is completely its own.

Recorded in a renovated church during a windstorm, with members of Mount Eerie serving as her backing band, Bury Me Into the Mtn is an album that stops you in your tracks. From the big backing vocals of the album’s opener to its methodically sparse closing track, she creates a musical narrative that doesn’t release its listener until the whole tale has been told.

Eleanor Murray has spent the last ten years playing and recording music out of the northwest part of the United States. Her five albums and hundreds of live shows have established her as a prolific force in indie folk music, while along the way gathering a dedicated fan base and sharing the stage with artists such as Tune-yards, Mountain Man, and Kimya Dawson. Her albums have spanned a wide range of material – from the firm folk roots of her 2008 debut album For Cedar, to the more unhinged and foreboding work explored on 2010’s Oh Thunder and 2011’s Thunderling. Her side projects extend this range even further, with the haunting post rock of AANTARCTICAA, the bluegrass swing of Tattered Dress, and the electro-pop production of Cavegreen.

Since her debut album in 2008, Eleanor Murray has been making music that refuses to repeat itself. Her music has spanned from sweet folk ballads to raucous marches, while never feeling forced. It’s the sound of a sincere artist ever-evolving, never slowing down, always growing. Her signature voice, incomparable to any other, remains true throughout. Regardless of genre classifications, Eleanor Murray creates music that is always recognizable as uniquely her own.

“…one of our best “unknown” musicians.” – Tiny Mix Tapes

“One moment you think you have Eleanor Murray figured out, but then she shows you that she’s not an easy catch. You cannot draw a square around her and call it good – she is undefinable.” – Fensepost

“Eleanor Murray is impossibly good…To call her folky would be undercutting the beauty of what she does.” – SSG Music

“Ms. Murray is bound for greatness; anyone who sees her play live is, pretty instantly, a fan.” – Letters With Mixtapes


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